Illustration Fridays

Illustration Friday – Farm

This week’s topic for Illustration Friday is farm, and it’s Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, the traditional time of year when people head north from the city and open their cottages and cabins, or drive up to a provincial park for camping and R & R. This topic made me think of home, and Ontario and the farm country north of Toronto, which I have driven through thousands of times on my way to and form the near north. I decided to take an old picture shot from a car window and use it as the basis of a photo illustration. There’s just something about the big blue sky and cumulus clouds, the red pickup truck and red barn, and the grass laying down flat in the foreground that I loved, and felt like a quintessential image of farm country.

Farm country, Ontario

If you’d like to order a print, or get in touch regarding a commission contact me.


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