Illustration Fridays

Illustration Friday – Colossal – Kawhi Leonard, Toronto Raptors

When I read this week’s theme for Illustration Friday, colossal, my mind started racing all over the place. I was thinking Godzilla, Jack and The Bean Stalk, James and The Giant Peach. All these classic, legendary characters and illustration ideas kept popping into my head. Then I started toying around with ideas about the city and the skyline, and it landed to me gift wrapped.

This whole season for my Toronto Raptors has been overshadowed by one question: will Kawhi Leonard stay or will he go in free agency? He is clearly the best player ever to suit up for the Raptors (not counting past his prime Hakeem). Vince had talent; Tracy had skills; Curry could shoot; Oakley was a bully and stalwart defender. He scared people away from the basket. Kawhi can do all of those things. No one knows what will happen this off season, but the man is a giant, a colossus casting his shadow over the city.

I, for one, am stoked for the playoff run because for the first time ever, I know as a Raptors fan that we’re going to have the best player on the court, in any game. period.

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