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My 10 Favorite Things to do in Beautiful Antigua, Guatemala

1. Arco de Santo Catalina

Anitgua, Guatemala is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, and one of the oldest. Originally founded by Spanish Conquistadors after their 15th century arrival, the cobbled streets are lined with gorgeous ruins of monasteries created by an 18th century earthquake, and painted with striking colours. Its affordable cost-of-living and plethora of Spanish schools make it one of the best places in Latin America to slow down for a few months, or sign up for language lessons.

2. Mercado de Artesanias El Carmen

In front of the ruins of El Carmen, vendors setup a market full of Guatemalan textiles and, local artwork and housewares. While you wander and shop, stop at one of the many cafes and restaurants tucked inside the courtyards hidden behind the coloured walls.

3. Cafe in Antigua, Guatemala
4. Courtyard restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

In the middle of the old city, Parque Central offers a perfect place to chill out and read a book, or watch the locals and other visitors, as you relax and people watch.

5. Parque Central, Antigua, Guatemala

Calles de Antigua Guatemala
Facade, Antigua, Guatemala
Vintage Pick-up, Antigua, Guatemala
El Volcan looms over Antigua, Guatemala

The city is chock full of palaces, churches, museums and ruins, buried in the layers of history that have accrued over six centuries of European and indigenous contact and cultural overlap. It’s one of those places where it feels like there is a new discovery on every corner, and a different cathedral on each city block.

6. Palacio del Ayuntamiento
7. Antiguo Colegio de la Compañía de Jesús
8. Ruins of La Recoleccion
Las Ruinas, Antigua, Guatemala
Museo del Santo Hermano Pedro
Old City Walls, Antigua, Guatemala
Iglesia, Antigua, Guatemala

Certainly, one of the most popular in Antigua, Guatemala is the Cerro de la Cruz, or the Hill of the Cross, which looks back over the city and up at Volcan de Agua, the live volcanos that loom in the distance.

9. Vista from El Cerro de la Cruz

But my favourite thing to do in Antigua is to relax, find a gorgeous bed and breakfast with a lush, green courtyard and a hammock, then kick my feet up and enjoy the peace and quiet.

10. Bed and Breakfasts, Antigua, Guatemala

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